Free Team Building Activities

Are you searching for a free, fun and energizing team building game, exercise or activity for your next conference or company picnic?

Click on one of the links below for full details on presenting these tried and tested team building games and activities:

Free Team Building Activity 1: Video Skit
Free Team Building Activity 2: Blind Construction
Free Team Building Activity 3: Match Game

For many team building activities you'll find a variety of props may be required. Luckily there is a store online where you can purchase any prop or book you could ever desire within the realm of team building.
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I have to give credit where credit is due...

Unfortunately I don't know precisely to whom the credit goes!

The majority of the icebreaker and team building activities I use have come from Jim Cain's various books (Teamwork and Teamplay, Teambuilding Puzzles) or publications by Edie West (201 Icebreakers).

I have however put my own spin on many of the activities and I certainly encourage you to do the same. Keep in mind these events are supposed to be fun. So use these ideas as a launching board for your own imagination and initiative.